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Internet in Denmark

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Internet in Denmark

Internet in Denmark is generally some of the best in the world. There is good internet coverage over most of the country. At the same time, internet is really cheap compared to many other countries.

Getting an internet connection when you have moved to Denmark can be quite a challenge. However we hope that with this article, we will be able to succesfully guide you to an internet connection.

In Denmark it’s possible to internet from anywhere between 150-600 Danish kroner a month. Therefore it’s important to be able to distinguish the good and bad internet providers apart. We have made this guide to make it easier for you to get a good and cheap internet connection. 

Best Internet in Denmark

We have made 4 separate categories, for each category we have found the internet provider that we believe best fits the category. We hope that this will create a better overview of the best options for internet in Denmark. 

Best Internet - Hiper/Fastspeed

Both Hiper and Fastspeed have a TrustScore of 4,7/5 on Trustpilot. Which must mean that their customers are very pleased with the companies. 

Cheapest Internet - Jetnet

Jetnet has the cheapest internet in Denmark. At times it is possible to get an internet connection for down to 200 Danish kroner a month.

Fastest Internet - Fastspeed

Fastspeed has the fastest internet in Denmark. Ookla does annual speed test of multiple providers in Denmark and for the past couple of years, Fastspeed has ended on top. 

Best Mobile Internet - Oister

Oister is the best mobile internet provider in Denmark. This is due to the fact that they have many different products and are one of the cheapest providers.

How to choose the right internet provider

It shouldn’t be difficult to find the right internet provider. There are a few things you need to consider before buying an internet subscription. These are:

  • How fast internet do you need?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Generally the more you pay the higher internet speeds you will be able to get, therefore it’s important to figure out how much you are willing to spend. For a good internet connection you will mostly likely need to spend at least 200 Danish kroner a month.  

How fast internet do you need?

A very important factor to consider before choosing which internet you purchase, is to understand how big your need for internet is.

How fast internet you need is based on multiple factors such as:

  • How many people live in your home and need to use the internet?
  • Do you stream or game a lot?

If you live alone and only stream or game a little, then you will need about a 100 mbit/s download speed. 

If you live with multiple people and also only stream and game a little, then you will need about 300 mbit/s download speed. 

If you live with multiple people and you stream or play games a lot, you will need 500-1000 mbit/s download speed.

Best internet providers in Denmark

Below we have ranked the best internet providers in Denmark. We have looked at each of the providers on Trustpilot. We have used Trustpilot scores as they are a representation of how the companies customers have experienced each provider.

Best internet providers in Denmark:

  1. Hiper | 4,7/5
  2. Fastspeed | 4,7/5
  3. Jetnet | 4,2/5
  4. MaxSpeed | 4,0/5
  5. Telia | 4,0/5
  6. Kviknet | 3,8/5
  7. Norlys | 3,8/5

It can be observed that Hiper and Fastspeed are the best internet providers in Denmark. As they both have a score of 4,7/5.

Internet types in Denmark, what’s the differences?

In Denmark there are four different types of internet. You can get cable internet(Coax), landline internet(DSL), fiber-optic internet and mobile broadband.

In general we would recommend getting fiber-optic internet as that is the newest technology and therefore have the fastest internet connection and most stable connection.

However fiber-optic internet can be quite expensive. The next best choice is cable internet, where you will get fast internet, but more reasonably priced. 

The cheapest option is definitely mobile broadband. It doesn’t have the fastest speed, however it has other advantages. 

One main advantage is that it is portable and you can bring it anywhere you want. So if you move house/apartment, you don’t need to buy a new internet subscription. 

How to find an Internet Provider

We have made it easy for you to find the best internet provider for you and also to compare the different internet providers in Denmark. Below we have made a list of the internet providers on the Danish market, so you can get an overview of the different options. 

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Check which internet providers you can get here

To figure out which internet providers you can get, you just need to type your address in the box on top of the page, we have linked to above.

What do you need to purchase internet in Denmark?

Getting internet in Denmark can unfortunately be quite a slow process. Before you are able to buy an internet subscription in Denmark, you will need to get several different things. 

We have made a list with all the things you will have needed to do, before being able to get an internet connection. 

What you need to be able to buy internet:

  • Register your address
  • CPR number
  • MitID
  • Danish bank account
  • Danish phone number

When you have gathered all these things, then you will finally be able to get an internet subscription. 

If you encounter any trouble with getting any of the mentioned things, we would recommend visiting your local “Borgerservice”. They are able to help with any of the above mentioned requirements. 


We have tried to answer some of the most common questions we have encountered on this topic. 

Can I get an internet and tv subscription from the same provider? Se mere

It is definitely possible to get internet and television from the same provider. However not all internet providers will be able provide television packages. 

Below is a list of some companies that both provide internet and television:

  • Norlys
  • Stofa
  • Telia
  • Waoo
  • Altibox
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